Natural Language Processing (CMSC 470)


Location CSIC 2117
Q & A Mon. 15:30 - 16:45pm
Workshop Wed. 15:30 - 16:45pm
Homework Submission
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Text Speech and Natural Language Processing



Jordan Boyd-Graber
IRB 4146
Office Hours (IRB 4146 / Online): By appointment

Teaching Assistants

  1. Yu Hou, Office Hours: Friday 11:00 AM -12:00 PM (Zoom, check Piazza for link)
  2. Shramay Palta, Office Hours: Thursday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (4th Floor Iribe Kitchen Area)


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due
24. Jan Introducing the Course and Linguistic Concepts
Lecture: Administrivia: Readings: Optional Readings:
29. Jan Where AI/NLP is today
Lecture: Optional Review: Administrivia: Readings:
Wed 31. Jan Workshop: Python/Homework Environment
Fri 2. Feb Homework Due Warmup: Who was President
5. Feb Information Retrieval / tf-idf
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 7. Feb Workshop: tf-idf
Fri 9. Feb Homework Due tf-idf
Mon 12. Feb Logistic Regression
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 5
Wed 14. Feb Workshop: SGD
Fri 16. Feb Homework Due Logistic Regression
Mon 19. Feb Project/Homework Framework
Lectures: Optional Videos: Optional Videos of our Past 470 Finals:
Wed 18. Feb Workshop: Feature Engineering
Mon 26. Feb Distributional Semantics
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 6
Wed 28. Feb Workshop: Wordvectors (Colab
Fri 1. Mar Homework Due Feature Engineering
Mon 4. Mar Syntax
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 8 (more important), 18 (less important)
Optional Lectures (won't be on the exam or in homeworks):
Wed 6. Mar Workshop: What Makes a Good Question?
Fri 8. Mar Homework Due tf-idf Guesser
Mon 11. Mar Neural Networks for Language
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 13. Mar Workshop: Pytorch (A HREF="">Colab)
Fri 15. Mar Homework Due Adversarial QA
17-24. March Spring Break
Mon 25. Mar Sequence Models
Lecture: Reading: SNLP 9
Wed 27. Mar Workshop: BiLSTM Classification
Fri 29. Mar Project Due Proposal
Mon 1. April Midterm Review
Wed 3. April Midterm
Mon 8. Apr Midterm Makeup / Eclipse (Only for Documented Absences)
Wed 10. April Transformers
Lecture: Readings:
Mon 15. April Alignment and Fine-Tuning
Lecture: Readings: Optional:
Wed 17. April Workshop: Fine-Tuning
Fri 19. Apr Homework Due Neural Models for Text
Mon 22. April QA Datasets
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP 23
Wed 24. Apr Lecture: Reading: MRC Literature Review
Wed 1. May Workshop: QA Systems
Mon 6. May Project Milestone 2
Mon 6. May Machine Translation
Lecture: Reading: NMT Book (Chapter 5)
Wed 8. May Odds and Ends / AMA
Fri 10. May Question JSON Upload
Sun 12. May Leaderboard System Submission
Fri 10. May Optional Extra Credit Fact Retention Study Fine-tuning
Tue 14. May 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.: Final Showdown: Systems vs. Questions