Natural Language Processing (CMSC 470)


Location CSIC 1121
Time Tue./Thu. 11:00am - 12:15pm
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Text Speech and Natural Language Processing



Jordan Boyd-Graber
IRB 4146
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Neha Pundlik Srikanth (


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due
Tue 31. Aug Introducing the Course and Linguistic Concepts
Lecture: Optional Readings:
Thu 2. Sep Information Retrieval / tf-idf
Lecture: Readings:
Tue 7. Sep Logistic Regression Intro [רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה]
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 5.1-5.3
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 10. Sep Homework Due tf-idf
Thu 14. Sep Stochastic Gradient Descent [יוֹם כִּיפּוּר]
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 5.4-5.9
Is there only really one lecture? Yes, because this is a difficult but super important concept. Make sure you understand it!
Tue 14. Sep Project Framework
Lectures: Readings:
Fri 17. Sep Homework Due tf-idf Guesser
Tue 21. Sep Distributional Semantics (Word2Vec)
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 6
Thu 23. Sep Neural Networks for Language
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP Chapter 7
Fri 24. Sep Homework Due Stochastic Gradient Descent
Tue 28. Sep Deep Learning Frameworks
Thu 30. Sep Expo Match I (Students)
Fri 1. Oct Homework Due Pytorch Logistic Regression
Tue 5. Oct History of Question Answering
Thu 7. Oct Neural Sequence Models
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP 9-9.3.3
This material will not be on the midterm.
Tue 12. Oct Midterm Review
Thu 14. Oct Midterm
Tue 19. Oct Modern QA
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP 23
The 21. Oct Transformer Language Models
Lecture: Reading:
  • SNLP 9.4-9.6
Fri 22. Oct Homework Due Buzzer Feature Engineering
Tue 26. Oct Expo Match II: Course Staff
Thu 28. Oct Entity-centric NLP
Lecture: Lecture:
  • SLP 21
Fri 29. Oct Homework Due Project Proposal Due
Tue 2. Nov Transformers for QA
Lecture: Reading:
Thu 4. Nov Constituency Syntax
Lecture: Readings:
  • SLP Chapter 12
Super old video, I know, but there's nothing really wrong with it. I can't bring myself to redo it.
Fri 5. Nov Homework Due Deep Averaging Networks
Tue 9. Nov Dependency Syntax
Lecture: Readings:
  • SLP Chapter 13
Thu 11. Nov Machine Translation
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 12. Nov HW Due Run a QA Model
Tue 16. Nov Topic Models
Lecture: Readings:
Thu 18. Nov Expo Match III: MAQT
Fri 19. Nov Homework Due Project Deliverable
Tue 23. Nov Proposal Workshop (join via Zoom!)
Thu 25. Nov Thanksgiving
Tue 30. Nov Advanced QA: Fact Checking
Videos: Readings:
Thu 2. Dec AMA
Possible Topics: Readings:
Tue 7. Dec Midterm Review
Thu 9. Dec Midterm II