Positions Available in my Group

You may also want to look at "Propsective Students" on my FAQ page, which covers how to apply and what sorts of students I'm interested in.


If you're a US citizen, I'd like to at some point host a student under this program on AI explainability, bandit algorithms for polling, or detecting disinformation. Get in touch to submit a proposal together!

For Fall 2023, there are two possible openings for postdocs: values-centered or TRAILS.

We may have an opening for looking at game playing and the language of deception pending available funding as a part of the SHADE project.

Graduate Students

Consider applying to the joint MPI-UMD program (Vor allem, wenn Sie einen Bachelor-Abschluss aus Deutschland oder Europa haben).

I am generally not looking for graduate students for Fall 2024. However, I'm looking for a PhD student who is interested in the relationship between the trivia community and the machine learning community to look at questions like "how does preventing cheating in online quiz bowl tournaments create adversarial examples for machine learning algorithms". This does not have to be someone who is a programming guru. This would likely be in the iSchool, not computer science (but it could be in CS if you have the appropriate math/CS background). The ideal candidate would be:

If this sounds like you, please apply to Maryland's iSchool or to CS.