Positions Available in my Group

You may also want to look at "Propsective Students" on my FAQ page, which covers how to apply and what sorts of students I'm interested in.


I don't have funding right now for a postdoc, but this call's Topic 9 seems really good. I'd love to work with a good candidate to prepare an application.

Graduate Students

I'm looking for one or two PhD students interested in question answering, adversarial examples, or demographic fairness in ML.

Less conventionally, I'm looking for a PhD student who is interested in the relationship between the trivia community and the machine learning community to look at questions like "how does preventing cheating in online quiz bowl tournaments create adversarial examples for machine learning algorithms". This does not have to be someone who is a programming guru. This would likely be in the iSchool, not computer science (but it could be in CS if you have the appropriate math/CS background). The ideal candidate would be:

If this sounds like you, please apply to Maryland's iSchool.

(Non-UMD) Undergraduates

I'm interested in hosting undergraduates from leading institutions, but only if an introduction is made through a faculty member that I know and who can vouch for the student. I'm also only able to fund US citizens.

If you cannot make a connection through a faculty member I know, then I'm very sorry but I cannot host you. There's simply no way for me to vet all of the requests for internships that I get.

High School Students

I'm only interested in working with high school students in the DC area. They must: already know how to program in Python, have an existing, demonstrated interest in the areas that I work in, and be extremely motivated. I limit myself to the DC area because there is an advantage to being able to meet in person; particularly for high school students, it's difficult to read nuance over the web. Moreover, it's possible for me to be familiar with local schools and their programs. There are simply too many high school students the world over for me to work with closely.

Once a student contacts me, I will assign a relatively trivial programming task to them that requires them to understand and modify an existing piece of code. This is a necessary prerequisite to working with me and has a one-week time limit. (Thus, do not contact me if you are not going to have any free time over the next few weeks.)

I know this seems like a lot of hassle, but I want to make sure that the students I work with are ready to get to work immediately. Funding is possible, but only after a one-month trial period.