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No required textbook. Reading materials will be provided on the course website and/or distributed in class. If you lack the basic background in security, the following textbooks may be helpful:



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Date Topics Notes Readings
Part 1: Basics
Wed 09/03 Introduction
Mon 09/08 Statistical Inference
Pilot-project proposals due.
Read the 'Detailed Reconstruction' paper, but don't submit a review.
Exploiting Underlying Structure for Detailed Reconstruction of an Internet-scale Event
Wed 09/10 Cryptography review
Mon 09/15 Cryptography review (cont'd) and adversary models
Wed 09/17 Guest lecture: Dana Dachman-Soled
Secure multi-party computation
Mon 09/22 Trusted computing
Pilot-projet reports due. Flicker
Part 2: Authentication and Access Control in Distributed Systems
Wed 09/24 Passwords
Homework template
Pilot-projet reviews due
The Quest to Replace Passwords
Mon 09/29 Biometrics
Homework template
Group-project proposals due.
Making Experiments Dependable
Wed 10/01 Scalable authentication
Homework template Designing an Authentication System
Mon 10/06 Authorization logic
Homework template Authentication in the Taos Operating System
Wed 10/08 Usable access control
Homework template Exploring Reactive Access Control
Part 3: Network Security
Mon 10/13 Security of Internet protocols - IP, UDP, TCP
Homework template Misbehaving TCP receivers can cause Internet-wide congestion collapse
Wed 10/15 Security of Internet protocols - BGP, DNS
Homework template BGP Security in Partial Deployment: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
Mon 10/20 Web authentication and session hijacking
Homework template The Dos and Don'ts of Client Authentication on the Web
Wed 10/22 Project Checkpoint #1
Mon 10/27 Web security model
Homework template All Your iFRAMEs Point to Us
Wed 10/29 SSL/TLS and the public key infrastructure
Homework template Mining Your Ps and Qs
Mon 11/03 Patch deployment and certificate revocation
Homework template Analysis of SSL Certificate Reissues and Revocations in the Wake of Heartbleed
Wed 11/05 Guest lecture: Michelle Mazurek
Part 4: Distributed Infrastructures Supporting Cybercrime
Mon 11/10 Memory corruption exploits
Homework template Automatic Patch-Based Exploit Generation
Wed 11/12 Worms and infection spreading
Homework template How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time
Mon 11/17 Project checkpoint #2
Wed 11/19 DDoS - mechanisms
Homework template Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity
Mon 11/24 DDoS - detection and protection
Homework template STRIDE: Sanctuary Trail – Refuge from Internet DDoS Entrapment
Wed 11/26 Botnets
Homework template EXPOSURE: Finding Malicious Domains Using Passive DNS Analysis
Mon 12/01 Botnets (cont'd) and spam
Homework template Spamalytics
Wed 12/03 Reputation-based security
Homework template Guilt by-Association: Large Scale Malware Detection by Mining File-relation Graphs
Mon 12/08 Group-Project Presentations
Group-project reports due.
Wed 12/10 Group-Project Presentations
Fri 12/12 Last Day of Classess (no lecture)
Group-project reviews due.

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