ENEE 757 :: Fall 2014 :: Network and Distributed Systems Security

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ENEE 757 provides a principled introduction to techniques for defending against hostile adversaries in modern distributed systems and networks. We will explore a range of topics, including the techniques used in implementing secure network communications, the design of distributed infrastructures suporting cybercrime and the data analysis techniques that can be employed for detecting sophisticated cyber attacks. The objectives of the course are:

The material will be taught through lectures, reading assignments and a semester-long project, for which the students are encouraged to form teams with 2+ members. The course will therefore have a substantial programming component. This is not a course in cryptography or software security.

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The University's Code of Academic Integrity applies, modified as follows:

Course Staff

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Tudor DumitraČ™ (instructor) AVW 3425 Mon 2-3 pm

Prof. Tudor DumitraČ™ is an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research focuses on applied security and distributed systems. He has real-world experience in analyzing large data sets to identify cyber attacks; for example, at Symantec Research Labs, he created the WINE platform for conducting Big Data experiments in security.

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