How and Why Artificial Intelligence Answers Questions (CMSC 848Q)


Location CSIC 3117
Time Mon./Wed. 14:00am - 15:15pm



Jordan Boyd-Graber
IRB 4146
Office Hours (IRB 4146): By appointment

Teaching Assistant


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due
Mon 24. Jan Introducing the Course
Wed 26. Jan QA History / Background
Mon 31. Jan Information Retrieval / tf-idf
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 2. Feb History of Computational Question Answering
Mon 7. Feb Neural Sequence Models for Language
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP 9-9.3.3
Wed 9. Feb Machine Reading
Mon 14. Feb Computational Frameworks
Wed 16. Feb QA Datasets
Lecture: Readings:
  • SNLP 23
Mon 21. Feb Question Answering on Knowledge Bases
Wed 23. Feb Question Answering through Generation
Mon 28. Feb Open Domain Question Answering
Wed 2. Mar Conversational Question Answering
Mon 7. Mar Common Sense Question Answering
Wed 9. Mar Question Answering with Audio
Mon 14. Mar Midterm Review
Wed 16. Mar Midterm
Mon 28. Mar Multihop Question Answering
Wed 30. Mar Human QA Evaluation
Mon 4. Apr Computer QA Evaluation
Wed 6. Apr Entailment
Mon 11. Apr Adversarial Question Answering
Wed 13. Apr Fact Checking
Mon 18. Apr Fairness in Question Answering
Wed 20. Apr Multimodal QA
Mon 25. Apr Multidomain QA
Wed 27. Apr Human-Computer Teaming
Mon 2. May A Modest Proposal for a Real Turing Test
Wed 4. May TBD
Mon 9. May Project Reports