How and Why Artificial Intelligence Answers Questions (CMSC 848Q)


Location CSIC 2117
Time Mon./Wed. 14:00 - 15:15
Homework Submission
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Jordan Boyd-Graber
IRB 4146
Office Hours (IRB 4146): By appointment

Teaching Assistant

Pulkit Kumar Office Hours: Thursday 11AM


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due
Mon 28. Aug Introducing the Course
Lecture: Reading: Chapter 1 of Question Answering for the Curated Web Tasks and Methods in QA over Knowledge Bases and Text Collections (Alternate link)
Textbook Draft:
Wed 30. Aug QA History / Background
Textbook Draft:
Wed 6. Sep Information Retrieval / tf-idf
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 8. Sep Homework Due Warmup
Mon 11. Sep History of Computational Question Answering
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 13. Sep Neural Sequence Models for Language I
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 15. Sep Homework Due IDF
Mon 18. Sep Neural Sequence Models for Language II
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 20. Sep Reading and Presenting a Paper
Lecture: Optional: Reading:
Fri 22. Sep Homework Due Paper Presentation
Mon 25. Sep QA Datasets
Lecture: Readings:
  • (Optional) Taxonomy of NLP QA
  • Wed 27. Sep Neural Models for QA
    Reading: MRC Literature Review
    Fri 29. Sep Homework Due QA Exploration
    Mon 2. Oct Computational Frameworks
    Lecture: Reading: Minitorch (Up to autodiff)
    Wed 4. Oct Entailment and Fact Checking
    Videos: Readings:
    Fri 6. Oct Homework Due Project Proposal
    Mon 9. Oct Midterm Review
    Wed 11. Oct Midterm
    Mon 16. Oct Beyond Factoid QA: Generation and Long-form QA
    Wed 18. Oct Beyond Factoid QA: Conversational
    Fri 20. Oct Project Intro
    Mon 23. Oct How to Write a Paper I
    Videos: Readings:
    Wed 25. Oct Evaluation: Leaderboards and IRT
    Videos: Readings:
    Fri 27. Oct Project Baselines
    Mon 30. Oct Chain of Thought
    Videos: Readings:
    Wed 1. Nov How to Write a Paper II
    Videos: Readings:
    Mon 6. Nov Explainable, Cooperative, and Adversarial QA
    Reading: Videos:
    Wed 8. Nov Multimodal QA: Audio, Video
    Videos: Readings:
    Mon 13. Nov QA Memory and Personalization
    Videos: Readings:
    Wed 15. Nov Other QA Formats: MC, Crosswords
    Videos: Readings:
    Fri 17. Nov Project Draft / Experiment Plan
    Mon 20. Nov Project Workshop I
    Mon 27. Nov Graphics and Figures
    Reading: Videos:
    Wed 29. Nov Fairness in Question Answering
    Reading: Videos:
    Fri 1. Dec Project Revision + Plots
    Mon 4. Dec Ask Me Anything: No Reading, No Videos
    Optional Video:
    Wed 6. Dec Paper Clinic
    Video: Most Importantly: Have a draft of your report!
    Mon 11. Dec Project Presentations
    Fri 15. Dec Final Writeup