Positions Available in my Group

You may also want to look at "Propsective Students" on my FAQ page, which covers how to apply and what sorts of students I'm interested in.


If you're a US citizen, I'm looking to host a student under this program on AI explainability, bandit algorithms for polling, or detecting disinformation. Get in touch to submit a proposal together!

Graduate Students

I'm looking for generally strong students for Fall 2022 interested in the intersection of machine learning and natural language processing.

Consider applying to the joint MPI-UMD program (Vor allem, wenn Sie einen Bachelor-Abschluss aus Deutschland oder Europa haben).

Summer 2021 Unpaid Internship

I'm trying something new this year!

First, I want to make it clear that this will be unpaid and remote (although if you happen to be in Maryland and covid gets under control, then perhaps we could meet up, but that would not be the expectation).

This is an experiment for me. I've never done this before! So please forgive the hiccups and growing pains. Hopefully it will be useful and fun for all involved.

Here's my current thinking about the process:

  1. Take a look at the projects that I've listed here. The tryout project is one of the "first step" for each of the ideas. If you're able to work independently enough to make good progress on one of these projects, then you have sufficient background to work on these sorts of projects. Note that not all of these are AI/ML per se! Some are creating interfaces, hooking up to other code:
  2. You'll have a look at projects
  3. Watch the video of the QA session that already happened
  4. You'll work on tryout projects before May 1
  5. If folks are able to do the tryout projects successfully (and still want to do the summer remote internship), we'll form groups of those who are left. IMPORTANT: You must do a try-out project to do an internship.
  6. Then we'll have weekly meetings over the summer and hopefully do something fun

Note that you won't have to work on the same project you use as your tryout project (e.g., you might find project X more interesting, but the tryout for project Y fits your skills better), and we might need to move people around to make the teams make sense.

If you're interested in hearing more about the internship / tryout process, please sign up for Piazza (but you'll need to e-mail me for an access code).