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Talks/tutorials for which I have slides or videos:

The Meaning and Measurement of Bias: Lessons from NLP
Abigail Z. Jacobs, Su Lin Blodgett, Solon Barocas, Hal Daumé III, and Hanna Wallach. FAccT 2020
[Site] [Video]

(Meta-)Learning from Interaction
NYU Machine Learning Reading Group 2019

Out of Order! Flexible neural language generation
NAACL 2019 NeuralGen Workshop

Beyond demonstrations: Learning behavior from higher-level supervision
ICML 2019 I3 Workshop

Imitation Learning
Vector Institute Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2018

Learning language through interaction
December 2016, Georgetown, Amazon, USC, GATech, UW, ...
[PDF] [ODP] [Video]

Bias in AI
November 2016, UMD MCWIC Diversity Summit
[PDF] [ODP] [PPTx (exported)] [Blog Post]

Locally optimal learning to search and distant supervision
December 2015, UMD CS Research Seminar
[PDF] [ODP] [Video]

Imitation learning and recurrent neural networks mashup
December 2015, CIFAR NCAP Workshop

Algorithms that learn to think on their feet
October 2015, UC Santa Cruz

Interpretese vs Translationese
August 2015, Shonan Workshop

Advances in Structured Prediction
June 2015, ICML Tutorial (with John Lanford)
[PDF Part 1] [ODP Part 1] [PDF Part 2] [Video]

Hands-on Learning to Search for Joint Prediction
May 2015, NAACL Tutorial
[PDF Part 1] [PDF Part 2] [PDF Part 3] [Video]

Algorithms that learn to think on their feet
May 2015, Invited Talk at ICLR
[PDF] [ODP] [Video]

A picture is worth 13.6 words (on average)
February 2015, MSR NY Tea Talk

Domain adaptation: the problem of new labels
December 2014, NeurIPS workshop on Transfer and Multitask Learning

Efficiently programming efficient structured prediction
November 2014, UMD CLIP Seminar
[PDF] [ODP] [Video] [Notebook]

Algorithms that learn to think on their feet
October 2014, Columbia University Data Science Institute
[PDF] [ODP] [Video]

Understanding and adapting statistical models: an exploration in language
May 2014, University of Toronto

Better! Faster! Stronger*! Learning to balance accuracy and efficiency when predicting linguistic structures
June 2013, ICML Workshop on Inferning
[PDF] [ODP] [Video]

Domain Adaptation
June 2010, ICML Tutorial

Hierarchical Bayes Compiler
June 2008, ICML Workshop on Probabilistic Programming

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