Interactive Toys/Robots

o Develop visually-enabled interactive toys and robots, see VTOY: SIGGRAPH 2000 Emerging Technologies Demo

o SimonBot: An interactive robot plays Simon Says with Kids. Summer 2005.

Represention and Analysis of Human Hair

(see Yacoob and Davis, 2005).
o Detection of facial and head hair.
o Modeling attributes of hair.
o Biometric use of hair for verification and human recognition.

Visual Analysis of the Hand in Augmented Reality Systems

(see A. Sepehari, Y. Yacoob and L. Davis, 2005)
o Develop visual interfaces for wearable computers (typing on virtual keyboard, writing on virtual boards, virtual drawing, 3D hand-based scanning of objects)
o Develop visual analysis tools for collaborative augmented reality scenarios.

Motion Analysis in Video Sequences

Develop spatio-temporal models for measurement of image change (mainly image motion) in video sequences (see relevant publications ).

o Shadow Detection and Recognition in Motion Sequences

o Linear models for motion analysis (see Fleet, Black, Yacoob and Jepson 2000)

o Appearance change in motion sequences (see Black Fleet, and Yacoob 2000)

o Tracking rigid objects by compactness (see Yacoob and Davis, 1999b). Video Clips

o Estimation of composite object and camera image motions (see Yacoob and Davis, 1999a and Yacoob and Davis, 2000). Video Clips

o Learned temporal models of image motion (see Yacoob and Davis, 1998).

o General models of image change (see Black, Fleet and Yacoob, 1998).

o Multi-frame Flow Estimation (see Yacoob and Davis, 1997 and Yacoob and Davis, 1999 ).

o Learned Spatial models of image motion (see Black, Yacoob, Jepson and Fleet, 1997).

Tracking Deformable and Articulated Objects Motion

Develop models for tracking rigid, deformable and articulated objects motion in video sequences (see relevant publications) .

o Simultaneous tracking and estimation of camera and human motion (see Yacoob and Davis, 2000).

o Model-based tracking of motion (see Yacoob and Davis, 1998).

o Articulated motion tracking (see Ju, Black and Yacoob, 1996 ).

o Deformable motion tracking (see Black and Yacoob, 1995 ).

Understanding Human Motion in Video Sequences

Develop representation, estimation and recognition models that enable computer understanding of human actions and behavior (see relevant publications) .

o Video clips on modeling and recognition of human activities from Parameterized Modeling and Recognition of Activities ICCV-98.

o Video clips clip for recognizing facial expressions using parameterized flow (MPEG, 1.0MB) from Tracking and Recognizing Rigid and Non-Rigid Facial Motions using Local Parametric Models of Image Motions, ICCV 1995, IJCV 1997 .

o A video clip for recognizing facial expressions (MPEG, 1.9MB) from Computing Spatio-Temporal Representations of Human Faces, CVPR 94.

o Estimating head orientation (see here and Horprasert, Yacoob, and Davis, International Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition, 1996, 242-247. ).

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