Activity Recognition

Recognition of direction of walking learned from the appearance of motion trajectory of body parts from 10 directions (of one person) then classifcation of the walking of other people into one of four categories.

o Walking Forward (MPEG, 0.25MB) .

o Parallel Walking (MPEG, 0.4MB) .

o Walking Away (MPEG, 0.35MB) .

o Walking Diagonally (MPEG, 0.3MB) .

Video explanation.

Recognition of four activities learned from a fronto-parallel viewpoint over several people and tested on other people performing similar activities.

o Marching (MPEG, 0.4MB) .

o Walking to Kick (MPEG, 0.3MB) .

o Line Walking (MPEG, 0.5MB) .

o Walking (MPEG, 0.25MB) .

Video explanation.

For more details see

Y. Yacoob, and M. Black, Parameterized Modeling and Recognition of Activities ICCV-98, 120-127.

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