Zambezi Canoeing + Chitake Springs

The pictures were taken during a two-week safari trip in Zimbabwe Oct 2010. Canon 5D Mark II and Canon G9 cameras with lenses 100-400L5.6 were used in conjunction with a 2x Canon.

The pictures are reduced in resolution to make downloading tolerable, originals are 10-21 MPixels.

Zimbabwe is recovering, we hope, and we wanted to revisit. We redid an 8 day Canoeing trip from Chirundu to Kenyamba, something we did back in 1999. The trip was guided by Zera from Natureways safaris.  We followed this by a 4 day lion oriented trip guided by Steve Pope in the Chitake Springs area.


As usual it turned to be a great trip and some pictures and videos are provided.


Under construction for a few more days



Zambezi Canoeing   Chitake Springs, Mana pools Pictures with fellow nature lovers  



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