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Note that links here may be significantly out of date. This section may be most useful as a window into my odd ideas about what's worth putting up on my web page over the years.

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Click here if you want to arrange a meeting. Otherwise, in general, the best way to reach me is by e-mail to resnik [AT] umd _DOT_ edu.

  Philip Resnik, Professor
  Department of Linguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

  1401 Marie Mount Hall            
  University of Maryland           Department phone     : (301) 405-7002
  College Park, MD 20742 USA	   Department Fax       : (301) 405-7104	   E-mail:              : resnik [AT] umd _DOT_ edu

  UMIACS office: Iribe Center 4148

Oh, and by the way, my name is not spelled Philip Resnick, Phillip Resnik, or Phillip Resnick, though this explicit disclaimer may help people who don't know that find this page!