INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014
Module 14: Monday December 8 to Sunday December 14

This module addresses some issues related to the future of information retrieval. The module is designed to be completed in 12 hours over 7 days, with a substantial part of that time devoted to studying for the final exam. As with every module, you must complete all componentents of this module by midnight on the evening of the indicated end date for the module.

Module Checklist

The recommended order for completing the activities in this module is:
  1. View the introductory video for this module.
  2. Read the Gurrin et al chapter.
  3. View the reading commentary video.
  4. View the Search Among Secrets lecture video.
  5. View the Preparing for the Final Exam lecture video.
  6. Read Project Assignment P14.
  7. Watch the exercise explanation video for Project Assignment P14.
  8. Complete Project Assignment P14 and submit your results using ELMS.
  9. Complete the course evaluation. I will not see evaluation results until after grades have been submitted, but your comments can really help us to improve this course for next time! Course evaluations close on December 14, so please do this by then.
  10. Study for the Final Exam!
  11. Consider joining one or more of the optional final exam study session ELMS text chats on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 5:30-6:30 PM.
  12. If you want to hear some of the topics in this module presented differently, consider viewing parts of the optional supplementary videos.


This week we have one reading assignment.


Here are the videos for this module:

Project Assignment P14

Finally, complete Project Assignment P14. Like all assignments that you are asked to turn in, this is due at midnight on the last day of the module.
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