INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014
Project Video Report (Assignment P14)

Video presentation

This is a description of what you did in your project, created in a way that will clearly communicate your most important results to your classmates. For an instructor-designed project, you can choose to talk about either your user study or your batch evaluation; do not try to split your focus to talk about both. For other projects, you should endeavor to at least briefly mention every aspect of what you did, but you should give greater focus to aspects of the project that involve evaluation results and novel design innovations. You can create your video report using any software that you wish, but the final version should be submitted either as an .mp4 video file (if you wish that it be shared only with your classmates) or as a YouTube URL. You may find that Panopto Recorder, which is available through ELMS, is a useful tool for this purpose. Your video should be about 10 minutes long, and it should address the same topics as the written report for the component that you choose to use, although in less detail. Here's a useful outline for a project presentation video: You can select a single presenter for your project, or you can share the presentation in whatever way you wish across your team members.

You can submit your presentation video using ELMS. The video presentation (but not your written reports) will be shared with other students in the course. You may, if you wish, instead submit a public URL for your video presentation; if you do, that will be linked from the course Web page (for public display).

As with all project components, your video presentation will contribute to your overall project grade, which will be holistic (not some formulaic combination of grades for separate parts).

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