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LBSC 690 - Information Technology
Spring 2013 - Section 0101

Section Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
0101 Tuesdays 5:30-8:15 HBK 2119
Course Description
A description of course goals, instructional staff and their office hours, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, and grading procedures for the course.
An overview of the material to be covered in each session, along with links to the reading and homework assignments to be completed before class that week. Links to the slides and other materials used in class each week and (after class) to RealVideo recordings for most class sessions are also included.
Exam study guides and sample exams are available here.
Term Project
Includes information about forming project teams, creating a project, and writing the report, plus links to projects from prior semesters.
Fall 2008
Spring 2008
Fall 2005
Fall 2003
The Web pages for the last four times I taught this same course. These are useful as a source of slides (before each week's slides are posted, usually on the day of class), and (for 2005 and 2008) as a source of video (in case you want to see whether I explained the same ideas any more clearly the last time!)
Rachael Bradley (Section SG01)
Jen Golbeck (Online Section)
Web pages for the other two sections being taught this semester.
Jordan Boyd-Graber (Fall 2012)
Jen Golbeck (Spring 2010)
William Webber (Spring 2012)
June Ahn (Fall 2011)
Allison Druin (Fall 2010)
Jimmy Lin (Fall 2008)
Patricia Verdines (Summer 2007)
Some LVSC 690 Web pages from earlier semesters by other professors.

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