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Research Team

I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with extremely talented students and postdocs. In addition to people I've officially advised, I've also been part of a lot of spontaneous, unofficial co-advising and collaborative relationships within Maryland's interdisciplinary community.

Current Advisees

Simon Chervenak
Honors Thesis Student, Linguistics

Nathalie Fernandez
Baggett Fellow

Cassidy Henry
PhD Student, Linguistics

Nika Jurov
PhD Student, Linguistics

Leslie Li
PhD Student, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
MS Student, Computer Science

Joselyn Rodriguez
PhD Student, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Past Advisees
Thomas Schatz, Postdoc
Zara Harmon, Postdoc
Kasia Hitczenko, PhD, Linguistics
Yakov Kronrod, PhD, Linguistics
Naho Orita, PhD, Linguistics
Craig Thorburn, PhD, Linguistics
Alayo Tripp, PhD, Linguistics
Emily Gong, MS, Computer Science
Jackie Nelligan, MS, Computer Science
Erin Bennett, Baggett Fellow
Grace Brown, Baggett Fellow
Lawrence Chen, Baggett Fellow
Emily Coppess, Post-bac Researcher
Myles Dakan, Baggett Fellow
Josh Falk, Baggett Fellow
Chris Hammerly, Baggett Fellow
Jackie Nelligan, Baggett Fellow
Caitlin Richter, Post-bac Researcher
Michaela Socolof, Baggett Fellow
Leslie Li, Honors Thesis, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (University of Rochester)
Saahiti Potluri, Honors Thesis, Math
Jordan Schneider, Honors Thesis, Computer Science
Eliana Vornov, Honors Thesis, Linguistics
Other Student Collaborators (Current and Past)
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but includes at least those cases where the project we worked on together ended up being published.
Alex Krauska, PhD Student, Linguistics
Shannon Barrios, PhD, Linguistics
Allyson Ettinger, PhD, Linguistics
Annie Gagliardi, PhD, Linguistics
Adam Liter, PhD, Linguistics
Anna Namyst, Undergraduate Researcher
Zoe Ovans, PhD, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Laurel Perkins, PhD, Linguistics
Harini Salgado, High School Researcher
Chris Yang, PhD, Linguistics (MIT)
Yu'an Yang, PhD, Linguistics