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Current Advisees

Kianté Brantley

5th year Ph.D.
Reinforcement and imitation learning

Yang (Trista) Cao

3rd year Ph.D.
Fairness, question generation

Khanh Nguyen

5th year Ph.D.
Learning from human supervision

Anna Sotnikova

6th year Ph.D.
Fairness, bias in language, dialogue

Chen Zhao

6th year Ph.D.
Question answering

Past Advisees

(reverse chronologically)

Amr Sharaf

Ph.D. 2020
Dissertation: Learning with Minimal Supervision: New meta-learning and reinforcement learning algorithms
Now Researcher at Microsoft Research

Sudha Rao

Ph.D. 2018
Dissertation:Teaching Machines to Ask Clarification Questions
Now Researcher at Microsoft Research

Mohit Iyyer

Ph.D. 2017
(co-adv. with Jordan)
Dissertation: Beyond Sentential Language Understanding with Deep Learning
Now Asst Prof @ UMass

Hadi Amirich

(co-adv. with Philip)
Social media analysis
Now Asst Prof @ UMass Lowell

Amittai Axelrod

(co-adv. with Philip)
Machine translation
Now at Amazon Research

Snigdha Chaturvedi

Ph.D. 2016 at UMD
Dissertation: Structured approaches to exploring inter-personal relationships in natural language text
Now Asst Prof at UNC Chapel Hill

He He

Ph.D. 2016 at UMD
Dissertation: Sequential Decisions and Predictions in Natural Language Processing Now Asst Prof at NYU

Cynthia Gan

Undergraduate: Deep neural networks
Now at YouTube

Jiarong Jiang

Ph.D. 2014 at UMD
Dissertation: Efficient Non-Deterministic Search in Structural Prediction
Now at Two Sigma

Dan Goldwasser

Postdoc (2013-14) at UMD
Dialog and belief state, education analytics
Now Asst. Prof at Purdue

Abhishek Kumar

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Learning with Multiple Similarities
Now at Google Brain

Taesun Moon

Postdoc (2011-13) at UMD
Computational analysis of scientific literature
Now at IBM Research

Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Discriminative Interlingual Representations
Now at Google

Amit Goyal

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Streaming and Sketch Algorithms for Large Data NLP
Now at Criteo

Arvind Agarwal

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Geometric Methods in Machine Learning and Data Mining
Now at IBM Research

Piyush Rai

Ph.D. 2012 at Utah
Dissertation: Learning Latent Structures via Bayesian Nonparametrics: New Models and Efficient Inference
Now Ass't Prof and Fellow at IIT Kanpur

Seth Juarez

MS 2009 at Utah
Now at Microsoft Channel 9

Adam Teichert

MS 2009 at Utah
Linguistically informed syntax
Now Asst Prof @ Snow College

Scott Alfeld

BS 2008 at Utah
Now Asst Prof @ Amherst College

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