Grad students and Postdocs

Currently there are no open (funded) positions in our group for graduate students and postdocs

Rotation projects

There are several open and fun questions pertaining to gene regulation and evolution. Please drop by the office if interested. You must be good at scripting/programming, a quantitative thinker and highly interested in biology, mess and all. Here is a list of reading material to get an idea of background material needed to work effectively in the lab.

Undergraduate students

We are always looking for talented undergradatuates with strong programming skill and interest in Biology for part-time research positions. Please contact us if you are interested.

Summer Internship for highschool students

We receive several requests from local highschool students. Whether we can accommodate you depends on our time availability and your skills and interests.
There is no financial compensation for these positions.
Potential candidates must

(1) have a good academic standing
(2) have basic understanding of cellular biology and genetics
(3) be good at one scripting language (Perl or Python) (C or Java is fine as well) AND some experience with R. To judge whether you are a reasoanbly good programmer, test yourself with the foolowing task "given two interval files, write a program that outputs overlapping intervals". The program must run within a minute for files with a million intervals each.