Philip Resnik's Advisees

Philip Resnik's Advisees

For my former advisees, I try indicate what they wound up doing after working with me. However, it's hard to keep up with what everyone does, so please note that information may be missing or out of date.

You may notice that I use the "Dr." title explicitly on this page, which is a bit more formal than typical in computational linguistics. I've done that for a long time when listing my former students, but it became more visibly important in December 2020 with the publication of a Wall Street Journal op-ed criticizing Dr. Jill Biden for her use of the title that she earned. I am not dignifying that editorial with a link, but rather I will link this excellent response.

Current advisees and their research

Students awarded the Ph.D. (and where they wound up!)

Former postdocs (and where they wound up!)

Other former advisees etc. (and where they wound up!)