Sabbatical Schedule
Sadly, my sabbatical was only for the 2003-2004 academic year.

Sabbatical Plans

What am I doing on my sabbatical? Well, getting a whole lot of cool research done! I've been staying local, as a visiting associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, and I'm continuing to progress strongly with my students and colleagues at UMD while also strengthening our collaborations on language technology research with the Hopkins gang (as well as beginning some new cognitive work with Barbara Landau).

As a side activity, particularly on drives to/from Hopkins, I am working on learning Arabic. I'm finding that the Pimsleur system is very good, especially supplemented by good books on the writing system and properties of the language.

General Schedule

In general, I am on the Johns Hopkins campus one day per week, almost always Wednesday. Other days I generally work from home. I should continue to be reachable by e-mail. (During this sabbatical, though, I'm trying to train myself to work for reasonable periods of time -- say a whole morning or a whole afternoon -- without the distraction of e-mail. So my e-mail responsiveness may vary.)

Travel Schedule