Course Info for Ling 889D, Spring 1998

Course Info for Ling 889D, Spring 1998
Lexical Semantics at the Syntax Interface

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What's the course about?

This course will explore lexical meaning as it impacts on the set of syntactic structures classes of words participate in. We will examine different approaches to the lexicon (Croft, Dowty, Hale and Keyser, Levin and Rappaport Hovav, Pustejovsky, etc.) and discuss how lexical properties are cashed out in the minimalist framework, through the theta criterion, event structure projections and transitivity properties. Special attention will be paid to aspects of meaning that are supported cross-linguistically and that have been addressed in computational and psycholinguistic research. We will also be guided by the interests of participants. [No prerequisites.]

How will the course be graded?:

Date: 1/27

I. INTRODUCTION: Lexicons vs. dictionaries of the ordinary sort

Reading for this week: Atkins, Kegl and Levin; Miller; Ingria

Discussion: Papers discussing lexicons from multiple viewpoints

ASSIGNMENT 1: (2-3 pp., due 2-3) Choose two of the three approaches and describe their relation to each other: where do they (not) overlap? To what extent are their assumptions and goals the same/different? What would a lexical entry look like if it satisfied the assumptions and goals of both papers (feel free to create an example).
Date: 2/3

Introduction, continued

Reading: Copestake and Lascarides

Discussion: Computational approach example (see Date: colloquium, 2/5).

ASSIGNMENT 2: Attend Computational Linguistics Colloquium, 2/5

Date: 2/5 (Thursday, 4:00)

Ann Copestake, title TBA, Computational Linguistics Series presentation

Date: 2/10

II. THE LEXICON IN SYNTACTIC THEORY: From Aspects to the Minimalist Program.

Readings: Chomsky 1965 (chapters 2 and 4), Freidin, [Marantz, or some other minimalism reading]
Date: *2/12

Paul Jacobs computational linguistics colloquium (optional)

Date: 2/17

The lexicon in syntactic theory, continued

Date: *2/19

Gabrielle Sonnenberger computational linguistics colloquium (optional)

Date: 2/24


Readings: (overview): Stowell; Stowell and Wehrli; Baker?
Readings: Hale and Keyser (1993)

Discussion A. Focus on syntax

Date: 3/3

Readings: Jackendoff, Dorr (Bresnan and Kanerva, Pinker, Grimshaw), Pustejovsky (Buitelaar)

Discussion B. Focus on semantics

Date: 3/10

Readings: Tenny (Levin and Rappaport Hovav, overview; van Hout summary and review in GLOT)

Discussion C. Focus on semantics/syntax interface (aspect)

Date: 3/17


Readings: Palmer, chapters 1-2, 6; Levin, intro (Fillmore, Grimshaw, Pinker)

Discussion A. Grammatical Roles and Relations

March 23-29, SPRING BREAK
Date: 3/31, 4/7

Readings: Dowty, Hopper and Thompson (to p. 280), (Croft)

Discussion B. Transitivity

Date: 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5



Others: detransitivizing (Givon, Matsumoto: Japanese), antipassive (Palmer, chapter 7) and ergativity, ditransitives/dative alternation, applicatives, unaccusativity, substance-source alternation,understood arguments (body part, reflexive object, reciprocal object), PRO-arb object, characteristic property of agent/instrument (Ono?), X's way object, instructional imperative, conative alternation, preposition drop

2. Psycholinguistic/acquisition issues


3. Computational issues

Readings: TBA.
Date 5/12

Presentations, wrap up

5/20 Final paper due

Required Readings

Atkins, Beryl T., Judy Kegl, and Beth Levin.  1986.  "Explicit and implicit
information in dictionaries."  Lexicon project working papers 12.

Baker, Mark.  In Liliane Haegeman, ed.  The handbook of generative
syntax. [get copy]

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Not all of these are in the folder in linguistics; ask one of the instructors for a copy. If you are interested in doing another article you must clear the choice with an instructor.
Bloom, Paul.  1994.  Possible names: The role of syntax-semantics
mappings in the acquisition of nominals.  Lingua
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Also see  Linguistic Abstracts Online,

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