Lise Getoor, Ph.D.

I've moved! I have joined the Computer Science Department at UC Santa Cruz!!! Please see my new webpage. I remain an adjunct professor at University of Maryland, however if you are a PhD student who wants to work with me, please apply through UC Santa Cruz Computer Science Department.

My research

My general research interests are in machine learning, reasoning under uncertainty, databases and artificial intelligence. Other topics of interest to me include: data integration, database query optimization and approximate query processing, entity resolution, information extraction, utility elicitation, planning under uncertainty, contraint-based reasoning, abstraction and problem reformulation.

The theme of my research is building and using statistical models of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to do useful things.


09/29/14 Keynote Speaker, European Conference on Network Intelligence (ENIC)
09/15/14 Invited Speaker, European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practices of Knowledge Discovery (ECML/PKDD)
08/24/14 Co-organizer KDD workshop on Data Science for Social Good
08/14/14 Invited Speaker PARC Forum
07/30/14 Invited Speaker Data Science DC Meetup
06/27/14 Invited Speaker for SIGMOD Workshop on Automatic Creation and Curation of Knowledge Bases (WACCK-2014)
06/22/14 Invited Speaker for SIGMOD/PODS Workshop on Big Uncertain Data (BUDA-2014)
05/01/14 Postdoc Bert Huang accepts faculty position at Virginia Tech -- congratulations Bert!
04/23/14 Invited Speaker Northern California Database Day
04/16/14 Invited Speaker Stanford Workshop on AI and Knowledge (SWANK)
03/24/14 Distinguished Speaker, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
01/17/14 Invited Speaker Stanford InfoLab
12/09/14 Stephen Bach and Bert Huang received best student paper for their NIPS workshop paper!
12/09/13 Invited Speaker for NIPS Workshop, Frontiers of Network Analysis: Methods, Models, and Applications
12/04/13 PhD Student Jay Pujara advances to candidacy -- congratulations Jay!
11/21/13 PhD Student Stephen Bach advances to candidacy -- congratulations Steve!
11/16/13 Invited Speaker for AAAI Fall Symposium Workshop on Social Networks and Social Contagion
11/04/13 Lise joins the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz! Go slugs!
10/21/13 Jay Pujara & Hui Miao win Best Student Paper at ISWC 2013!! see their paper here
10/05/13 Invited Speaker for NWO Workshop on Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH)
09/29/13 Invited Speaker for NEH Workshop on Linked Open Data & Libraries, Archives and Museums (Digital Humanities)
09/28/13 Invited Speaker for International Workshop on Climate Informatics
09/10/13 Invited Speaker @ Big Social Science Data Seminar Series, Penn State
09/08/13 PhD Student Ben London advances to candidacy -- congratulations Ben!
08/11/13 KDD Tutorial on Entity Resolution in Big Data
08/11/13 MLG 2013: KDD Workshop on Mining and Learning from Graphs
07/14/13 Elected AAAI Fellow!
06/16/13 SLG 2013: ICML Workshop on Structured Learning: Inferring Graphs from Structured and Unstructured Inputs
12/10/12 NIPS 2012 Tutorial on Representation, Inference and Learning in Structured Statistical Models
08/27/12 VLDB 2012 Tutorial on Entity Resolution
06/12/11 SIGMOD 2011 Tutorial Learning Statistical Models from Relational Data
01/06/11 SDM 2011 Tutorial Exploiting Statistical and Relational Information on the Web and in Social Media
     2007 Check out our SRL Book
     2005 SIGKDD Special Issue on Link Mining


Some of the topics I work on are

Curriculum Vitae