MT Package

The MT Package contains a C++ library that allows you to design interactive applications which exploit the full power of multiresolution on geometric objects represented by meshes in any dimension. There are two basic actions in multiresolution modeling:

  1. Take a simplicial (e.g., triangular, tetrahedral) mesh describing an object and build a multiresolution representation of the same object;
  2. Query this multiresolution representation on-line to obtain meshes representing the object at the level of detail you like.
The MT package provides libraries to support both actions. Based on the MT libraries, you can write a program to build a multiresolution representation, as well as a program to query a multiresolution representation. Some demo programs to query a multiresolution representation are provided togther with the MT libraries, while programs to build a multiresolution representation are distributed separately.

The source code and additional information can be found on GitHub.