A l l i s o n   D r u i n

my previous life:
some places I've been before living in Brooklyn

The University of Maryland
a great place to spend 20 years being a professor.
the only place in the world I could be called "Chief Futurist"

The University of New Mexico
a great place to get a Ph.D. in a College of Education.
it was there I started partnering with children to create technology

The NYU Media Research Laboratory
a lab I co-founded a few years ago at New York University.
we made room-sized immersive multimedia environments

The MIT Media Lab
a neat place to get a Masters Degree.
somehow they let me build a large stuffed computer named NOOBIE

Rhode Island School of Design
an amazing place to go to college (back then I wanted to be
a graphic designer-- but I soon fell in love with computers...)

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