LBSC 888: Doctoral Seminar
Seeing Information Studies Through Diverse Populations


Spring 2008

Wednesdays, 1-3:45pm
Hornbake, Room 4115

Dr. Allison Druin
Associate Professor
College of Information Studies

LBSC 888

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This seminar covers the main areas of the field: information, people, environments, and systems. This doctoral seminar provides an integrative exploration emphasizing connections among ideas and research across elements of the field. The focus of this semester will be to use different lenses for people to examine the areas of lifelong users, organizations, social relationships, valuse and ethics, and multicultural identity.


  • Gain an understanding of the main areas of the field

  • Learn to read and critique research publications

  • Learn to synthesize diverse areas of the field for an integrative paper

  • Gain experience in presenting research papers