Designing Multimedia Computer Environments for Learners

University of Maryland, College of Education, EDHD-499D & 779D Spring 2002

Readings for the Course

The following 3 books will be
used for the course:
1) Norton, P. & Wiburg, K.M. (1998) Teaching with Technology

2) Druin, A. (Ed.) (1999) The Design of Children's Technology

3) Druin, A. & Hendler J. (Ed.) (2000) Robots for Kids, Exploring Techologies for Learning

1) Teaching with Technology:

Chapter 2: Designing Opportunities for Learning
Chapter 3: Designs for Literacy
Chapter 4: Designs for Problem-Solving
Chapter 5: Designs for Knowledge

2) The Design of Children's Technology:

Preface: Beginning a Discussion about Kids, Technology, and Design
Chapter 2: Kids as Informants
Chapter 3: Children as our Technology Design Partners
Chapter 7: Constructional Design
Chapter 11: Middle Tech: Blurring the Division Between High and Low Tech

3) Robots for Kids, Exploring Technologies for Learning:

Preface: Part II, on page 158
Chapter 3: PETS a Personal Electronic Teller of Stories
Chapter 4: Bolts from the blue: How Large Dreams Can be Come Real Products
Chapter 5: Teaching Diverse Learners Using Robots
Chatper 6: Technological Prayers: Parents and Children Exploring Robotics and Values
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