Designing Multimedia Computer Environments for Learners

University of Maryland, College of Education, EDHD-499D & 779D Spring 2002

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaulated in the following ways for course assignments and activities:

Please note that any projects or papers that are submitted late, the following percentages will be deducted from the grade given:
*20% of project points deducted up to 24 hours late
*50% of project points deducted up to 48 hours late
*100% of project points deducted more than 48 hours late

Evaluation of Course Projects

All team projects will be evaluated by the Professor based on the following criteria:
*learning goals for technology users
*use of technology by team
*presentation of multimedia
*team effort for project
Final Papers will be written individually by each student and submitted. All papers will be evaluated based on the quality of their content and writing.

At the time of project submissions all students will be asked to evaluate their own team's work based on the 4 criteria: learning goals, use of technology, presentation, and team effort. These evaluations will be used by the Professor to help evaluate the team's work.

All team members will receive the same grade per project (unless otherwise discussed with the Professor). If a team member chooses to participate in a way that is detrimental to the team's effort, then that person's class participation grade will be adjusted to reflect this. Up to 1/3 of a person's class participation grade could be deducted for each team project. If this should need to happen, a discussion with the Professor will notify the person of such a deduction.

It is well understood that working in interdisciplinary teams is a difficult process, but a necessary learning experience. The multimedia computer environments developed commercially today are primarily the result of team collaboration. Therefore, this course will reflect this important development experience. In doing so, if there is ever an issue, or difficulty that you would like to talk about concerning your team collaboration, please feel free to talk to the Professor at any time. Every effort will be made for your team collaboration experience to be an enjoyable one!

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