Computers in Education: Research Methods and Practice

University of Maryland, College of Education, EDHD-779N & 499N, Fall 2002

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaulated in the following ways for course assignments and activities:

Class Participation (51 points):

Each class is critical to your semester-long learning experience. Your energy in contributing to class discussions, small-group exercises, and on-going research will be important. Therefore, coming to class prepared (e.g., reading all course readings, working on project research, etc.) will be necessary to receiving all 51 points for class participation.

Midterm Paper (50 points):

A midterm paper will be required written on a topic handed out in the 7th week of class and due in the 9th week of class. You will be asked to use all of the literature you have read over the first part of the semester to back up your argument. You will be graded on (1) your argument content (2) the structure of your paper. Your midterm paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (including references), 12 point type, 1.5 spaced.

Final Research Proposal or Project/Paper (99 points):

You have a choice of either completing a research proposal or final project and paper. Your research proposal must follow the NSF proposal guidelines. Your paper must follow the CHI conference paper format. Whichever final project you choose, you can work either individually or in a team. Teams can not be larger than 3 people. You will be evaluated on your NSF proposal based upon the NSF review criteria or your paper on the CHI conference review criteria.

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