Computers in Education: Research Methods and Practice

University of Maryland, College of Education, EDHD-779N & 499N, Fall 2002

Full Course Description

This course will examine a selection of literature on computers in education. This literature will be used as a starting-point to write a research proposal or final project and paper. In the first half of the semester, you will read research papers, government reports, and portions of current books that discuss the impact technology has had on the world of education and the impact education has had on the design of new technologies. Such questions will be addressed: How has classroom instruction changed? How has students' learning experiences changed? What new technologies have been developed to address the needs of learners? What new technologies should be developed in the future? Can we tell if students are better off with these new technologies? What research methods have people used to understand these issues? What research is needed in the future to better understand the impact of technology on education?

Each week you will be asked to focus on a selection of readings (all will be URLS accessible from the Internet) that will include discussions on technology's impact on course content, the use of on-line communities and distance education technologies, and the development process of new technologies for education. During class sessions, the readings will be discussed in large-group and small-group discussion sessions. Activities using the Internet, CD-ROMs, email, or hypermedia will be conducted in class that support the selected readings.

During the second half of the semester, you will focus on one research area of interest that you believe needs further work. In teams or as an individual, you will be responsible for either developing a research proposal according to the National Science Foundation (NSF) guidelines, or developing a small project and writing an 8-page paper (in CHI conference format). In this way, you will put to use your growing knowledge of this research area and consider what new research should be developed for the future.

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