A Socratic Dialogue

Visual Space

This is an informal description of our research in the form of a dialogue. It is divided into seven days and should be read in a sequence, from day 1 to day 7. The dialogue is between A and B. A represents our research group (Y. Aloimonos, C. Fermüller, and the graduate students Brad Stuart, Robert Pless, Patrick Baker and Jan Neumann). The reading of the dialogue takes about one hour. It contains several demonstrations (26 Videos and 30 images) and provides a good idea of our activities. Our work has been inspired by the works of many people: Koenderink and van Doorn, Bajcsy, and Huang, to name a few.

 Day 1: Preamble

 Day 2: Basics

 Day 3: Results

 Day 4: Applications (Video Manipulation, New Camera Technologies, Eye Design, Space-time Models, Non-Euclidean Geometries)

 Day 5: The Keck Lab, 3D Video and Distributed Sensor Networks

 Day 6: Biology -- The Motion Pathway

 Day 7: Thought and Language -- Epilogue

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