1.  Project/Proposal Title: SEER: A Gigascale Neuromorphic Vision System

     Source of Support: NSF

     Total Award Period Covered: 9/1/05-9/1/08

      A collaborative project with Kwabena Boahen, Stanford


2.   Project/Proposal Title: The Grammars of Human Behavior

     Source of Support: NSF

     Total Award Period Covered: 9/1/04-9/1/07

     A collaborative project with Ken Nakayama, Harvard.


3.  Project/Proposal Title: Integrating Perception and Reasoning

     Source of Support: NSF

     Total Award Period Covered: 9/1/03/-9/1/06

     A collaborative project with V.S. Subramanian, UMIACS, Univ. of Maryland


4.  Project/Proposal Title: An integrated approach to visual surveillance

     Source of support: ARDA (VACE)

     Total Award Period Covered: 9/1/04-9/1/06

     A collaborative project with Larry Davis and Rama Chellappa, Univ. of Maryland


5.  Project/Proposal Title: Poeticon - Resources for grounding language

     Source of support: European Union

     Total Award Period Covered: 2008-2011

     A collaborative Project with the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, the Italian Institute of Technology, the University of Ljubiana, the University of Ferrara, The Institute for Speech and Language Processing in Athens, Greece.


6.  Project/Proposal Title: Assessing Human Action in the Workplace.

     Source of support: NIH

     Total Award Period Covered: 2007- 2010

     A collaborative project with Jose L. Contreras-Vidal and Jane Clark, University of Maryland.


7.  Project/Proposal Title: The Behaviourscope

     Source of support: NSF

     Total Award Period Covered: 2006-2009

     A collaborative project with Andreas Savvides, Yale University.