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Prof. Aloimonos leads the Perception and Robotics Group at the University of Maryland. His research is devoted to the principles governing the design and analysis of real-time systems that possess perceptual capabilities, for the purpose of both explaining animal vision and designing seeing machines. Such capabilities have to do with the ability of the system to control its motion and the motion of its parts using visual input (navigation and manipulation) and the ability of the system to break up its environment into a set of categories relevant to its tasks and recognize these categories (categorization and recognition). The work is being done in the framework of Active and Purposive Vision, a paradigm also known as Animate or Behavioral Vision.

Since the early 2000 he has been working on the integration of sensorimotor information with the conceptual system, bridging the gap between signals and symbols. This led to the introduction of language tools into the Robotics community. During the past five years his research is supported by the European Union under the cognitive systems program in the projects POETICON and POETICON++ , by the National Science Foundation under the Cyber Physics Systems Program in the project Robots with Vision that find objects and by the National Institues of Health in the project Human Activity Languages.

Here is an example of going from language to action (ask a robot to do something). Note how the robot announces that he has to think for a moment, before performing the action but does not reveal its thinking. Here, some of the thinking is revealed.

For the dual problem of going from action to language (observing an activity and describing in natural language what is going on), see our demos in the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering workshops .