Wadi Lahami, Egypt Deep south Diving

The pictures were taken during a week diving trip in Wadi Lahami, Egypt Dec/Jan 2007-8. Canon G9 was used with color correction done automatically.

The pictures are reduced in size to make downloading tolerable (around 1MB each),  the originals are 12MP. There are some video clips at the Dolphin, Turtle/Napoleon pages (you will want to save them locally even if you have a fast connection, right click-->save target).

Wadi Lahami is a wonderful diving destination.  We found wonderful coral structures and diverse and dense marine life.


We stayed at RedSea Ecolodge at Wadi-Lahami.  At the lodge the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable and most definitely highly recommended!!


Map (copyright Google Earth)

Coral/reef Solo Schools Dolphins Turtle/Napoleon

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