Western Zambia (+Caprivi and Chobe)

The pictures were taken during a three-week safari trip in Zambia/Namibia/Botswana Aug/Sept 2008. Canon 5D, Canon 40D, Canon G9 cameras with lenses 70-200L2.8, and 100-400L5.6 were used in conjunction with a 2x Canon, 2x Tamron extenders.

The pictures are reduced in resolution to make downloading tolerable, originals are 10-13MPixels.

Zambia is a wonderful safari destination. We revisited as a follow up to our 2003 trip. Due to petrol prices (we paid up to $USD3.15/liter) we focused on Central and Western Zambia, namely Kafue, Liuwa plains and a short exposure to the Sioma Ngwezi National Parks. We also planned to probe the Caprivi Parks (in Namibia) and since Mamili National Park was completely flooded and closed we explored Bwabwata National Park (used to be West Caprivi), and finally revisited the river front of Chobe National Park, the place that never disappoints.

We hired a LandCruiser from Britz 4x4 rentals as usual.

It was the first trip we used Tracks4Africa tracks . The information and coverage are very impressive. The only downside is that quite a bit of old fashion adventure is gone in the process...


Map (copyright Google Earth)

Kafue National Park Liuwa Plains National Park Sioma Bwabwata Chobe National Park

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