Remote Parks of Tanzania

The pictures were taken during a three-week safari/diving trip in Tanzania Aug/Sept 2006. Canon-EOS Elan 2 and Canon 5D cameras with lenses 24-70L2.8, 70-200L2.8, and 100-400L5.6 were used in conjunction with a 2x Canon extender.

The pictures are reduced in resolution to make downloading tolerable, many of the originals are from the 13MP Canon 5D.

Tanzania is a diverse safari destination. We visited its remotest national parks, Katavi, Ruaha and Selous (and easily accessible Arusha National Park) and drove any track that allowed us to reach our destination (see map). About 80% of the driving was off-road and off the beaten-path. This afforded us to observe (if briefly) large areas of Tanzania that rarely see self-drive visitors (into Katavi and the short-cut to Ruaha).

We hired a Landrover Tdi from Fortes Car Hire in Arusha.

We alse had a chance to dive and snorkel the Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Marine Park with ECO2 in Mikindani. We found wonderful coral structures and diverse and dense marine life.


Map (copyright Google Earth)

Katavi National Park Ruaha National Park Selous Reserve Mikindani and Kilwa Ruins Arusha National Park

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