Southern Mozambique

The pictures were taken during a two-week beach trip in Southern Mozambique June 2005. Canon-EOS Elan 7 camera 24-70L 2.8 was used.

Mozambique is up-and-becoming on the tourism front. Infrastructure is evolving quite well and it turned out to be a nice and easy self-drive destination. We encountered only a few pot-holed roads and none of the police incidents that we had read about. Southern Mozambique is easy to visit and is recommended for the off-the-beaten-track traveler.

Beach trips are hard to document, especially if one spends the time scuba diving. As a scuba diving destination, Bazaruto Archipelago is a wonderful place to explore (good visibility but not excellent, 20-50ft). The Jangamo Beach area has the added challenge of currents and fair visibility (15-30ft) but possible encounters with whale sharks, sharks etc. Diving costs are expensive by international standards- easily $100+/2dives and the operators have room to improve with time.

In summary, if you want unspoilt beaches, excellent seafood, welcoming people and can bear the costs of the experience (above average cost) it may well be the place for you!

XaiXai Jangamo, Inhambane Bazaruto Archipelago Map (copyright DigitalGlobe)

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