Abduction of Sanjoy Ghose by the ULFA



Social Activist Sanjoy Ghose was abducted by the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) militants from Majuli island of Upper Assam on July 4 1997

Sanjoy and a local volunteer, Chandan Doley, were accosted by ULFA men while cycling back from a meeting in Mekheligaon, and taken away on the pretext of holding discussions. While Chandan Doley was released on the 6th July, it is two months now and there is still no trace of Sanjoy Ghose.

Friends of Sanjoy Ghose will hold a rally in Bangalore on September 4 to demand that truth about Sanjoy Ghose be known. Rallies are also being held in Delhi and Rajasthan.

If you believe that people have the right to help each other without being coerced, compelled or threatened in any manner, then we ask you to become a friend of Sanjoy Ghose, and help us join in exerting public pressure

There has been world-wide condemnation of Sanjoy Ghose's abduction. However, appeals from Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Baba Amte, Amnesty International, human rights organisations, NGOs, friends, colleagues, family and every other quarter have failed to touch the ULFA.

Sanjoy along with AVARD-NE crew in Majuli



Where is Sanjoy ?
We believe Sanjoy is alive

ULFA has admitted that it has 'arrested' Sanjoy Ghose. It then reported that Sanjoy was drowned while being taken across the Bramhaputra river; this was followed by another ULFA statement that he was alive; and then by another stating that he was killed when he fell off a cliff.

The government's response, both at the State and at the Centre, has only highlighted their confusion, and their indifference.

For the past two months, we have been subjected to a complete misinformation campaign which have spread total chaos, confusion and much anguish.

The media has taken the stand that Sanjoy Ghose is dead till proved otherwise. We, the friends of Sanjoy Ghose, say that we believe Sanjoy Ghose is alive till proven otherwise.

And we will continue to fight for the truth. For Sanjoy Ghose. And for every other activist who is fighting to change our world for the better.

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