LVM vs normal disk partitioning speed tests

Here's how lvm compares to standard disk partitions. The first two tests just compared whole disk partitions in lvm vs regular primary partitions. The third was comparing a fragged lvm partitson. First we created a 1G lv (lv1) then a second lv (space1), expanded lv1 by 1g, created another lv at the end (space2) and kept repeating until we had a 10G lv1.

These tests were done w/ teh standard lvm block size. I know, we should have tried different block sizes, but the machine needed to go out today.
Sequential Output Sequential Input Random
Sequential Create Random Create
Size:Chunk SizePer CharBlockRewritePer CharBlockNum FilesCreateReadDeleteCreateReadDelete
K/sec% CPUK/sec% CPUK/sec% CPUK/sec% CPUK/sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU/ sec% CPU
15k disk ext25G3022593720251624386835237987512712461.0110:120:80/44++++++++++++++++1654919++++++++++++++++++++++++
single part lvm5G3176091729791724037835141988246914457.4110:120:80/44++++++++++++++++1639311++++++++++++++++++++++++
fragged lvm5G3216292693871624281735456998020114438.4110:120:80/44++++++++++++++++1588215++++++++++++++++++++++++