Course Info for Ling 889B, Spring 2000

Course Info for Ling 889B, Spring 2000
Computational Models of Language Processing


What's the course about?

For details see the topics (with detailed bibliography). This course will look at computational models of language processing, with an emphasis on modeling in psycholinguistics and on computational psycholinguistics. (As examples of current work in the latter area, see the 1997 Conference on Computational Psycholinguistics and the thematic session on computational psycholinguistics at the ACL'99 conference.) There are no official prerequisites, although background knowledge in psycholinguistics (Ling640 or equivalent) and computational linguistics (Ling645 or equivalent) would be very helpful.

Is any programming required?

No computer programming is required for this course. Algorithmic concepts will be discussed but there is no prerequisite of previous computational experience. (Don't panic!)

How will the course be graded?: