Ling848, Fall 2015

LING848, FALL 2015.

Advanced Seminar in Computational Linguistics: Computational Social Science


Philip Resnik


Marie Mount Hall 1108B, Wednesdays 2-4:30pm.

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In their 2009 Science article, “Computational Social Science”, David Lazer and colleagues wrote that our online activity “leaves digital traces that can be compiled into comprehensive pictures of both individual and group behavior, with the potential to transform our understanding of our lives, organizations, and societies.” Many of those digital traces involve language behavior (social media being the most obvious example), which creates some incredibly interesting opportunities for computational linguists.

Now, "social science" is an unmanageably huge topic. The Wikipedia page on Social Science includes disciplines ranging from archaeology to social work. In this seminar, we'll narrow the field by focusing specifically on the idea of linguistic signal for underlying mental state, organizing the content largely around two main areas of study.

This seminar will mainly involve readings and in-class discussion, helped along by participation in discussions on Piazza. The class will be graded as follows:

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