LING848, FALL 2014.
Advanced Seminar: Semantics in Computational Linguistics


Philip Resnik (


Room 1108B, Marie Mount Hall, Wednesdays 2-4:30pm.

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    There are no formal prerequisites, but this is an advanced computational linguistics seminar, so students are expected to be generally comfortable with the material covered in the CMSC/Ling 723-773 graduate computational linguistics sequence.


    Note: The content of 800-level seminars varies from year to year, and this seminar will not cover the same material as previous offerings of Ling848 (Seminar in Computational Linguistics). If you have questions about the seminar, including any uncertainty about whether your background is appropriate in order to attend, please contact me.

    Within computational linguistics, semantics has a long and varied history. As a branch of artificial intelligence, early natural language processing was, like early AI, deeply concerned with how to formally represent and reason about knowledge. With the statistical revolution in the 1990s such questions largely went out of fashion, but now they are back in new incarnations, with fascinating work taking place that brings together earlier work on formal representations with a current emphasis on what can be learned automatically using large volumes of data.

    The goals of this seminar are twofold: to understand the big picture of semantics in computational linguistics, and to get a detailed understanding of the issues at play in specific instances of recent research. By the end of the semester students should be well equipped to understand and follow current research literature on this topic.

    The seminar will mainly involve readings and in-class discussion, helped along by participation in discussions on Piazza. The class will be graded on:

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