Schedule of Topics

This is the schedule of topics for an advanced seminar in natural language processing, focused on the foundations of cutting-edge methods in NLP. Foundations, as used here, are the things that the cutting-edge research papers assume you already understand.

To the extent possible, the readings here are available on the Web. "Additional readings" are optional links pointing either to material you should already know (but might want to review) or to related material you might be interested in.

Some topic areas may take longer than expected, so keep an eye on the class mailing list or e-mail me for "official" dates..

[September 2]
Topic Area 1

[September 9]
Topic Area 2

[September 16 and 23]
Topic Area 3

[September 30]
Topic Area 4

[October 7]
Topic Area 5

[October 14]
Interlude: alignment templates for translation: models, decoding, and evaluation

[October 21]
Topic Area 6

Related Talk on November October 25

Paul Smith, "Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining", Monday, October 25, 2004, 4:00 pm, MATH 3206, Abstract is at the Mathematics Graduate Minicourse Series page, along with links to relevant papers.

[October 28]
Topic Area 7

[November 4]
Topic Area 8

Related Talk on November 8

Judea Pearl, "Reasoning with Cause and Effect", Monday, November 8, 2004, 11:00am, 1402 Chemistry Building (note location change!). His abstract is at the Logic and AI Seminar Series, along with links to relevant papers.

[November 11]
Topic Area 9

[November 18]
Topic Area 10

[November 25]
No class. Happy Thanksgiving!

[December 2]
Topic Area 11

[December 9]

Some topics of potential interest that we're not covering

Many thanks to Bill Byrne, David Chiang, Bonnie Dorr, Jason Eisner, Christof Monz, David Smith, Noah Smith, and undoubtedly others I'm forgetting, for discussions about the syllabus. Responsibility for the outcome is, of course, completely indeterminate. :-)