Schedule of Topics

This is the schedule of topics for Computational Linguistics I, Fall 2005.

Readings are from Dan Jurafsky and James Martin, "Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and Computational Linguistics", Prentice-Hall (2000), unless otherwise specified. The "other" column has optional links pointing either to material you should already know (but might want to review) or to related material you might be interested in.

In addition, some topic areas may take longer than expected, so keep an eye on the class mailing list or e-mail me for "official" dates.


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Class Topic Readings* Assignments Other
Aug 31 Administrivia, semester plan; overview of NLP Ch 1 Assignment 1 (due Monday 12 September at 4pm) PSR
Sep 7 FSAs and regular expressions Ch 2 Assignment 2 (due Wednesday 21 Sep at 4pm) DWC
Sep 14 N-gram language models Ch 6.1, 6.2, 6.7 DWC
Sep 21 Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) NEW revision of Chapter 4; see also the Wikipedia entry on dynamic programming PSR
Sep 28 Guest lecture: finite-state morphology Ch 3 Lecture Notes Prof. Amy Weinberg
Oct 5 Expectation-Maximization and HMM training NEW revision of Chapter 4. Optional reading: Adam Berger, Convexity, Maximum Likelihood, and All That (sections 1 and 2), notes to accompany Berger, and simple perl example of the linear interpolation EM update. Assignment 3 (due Wednesday 26 Oct at 4pm) PSR
Oct 12 HMMs and part-of-speech tagging NEW revision of Chapter 4. PSR
Oct 19 Midterm DWC/PSR
Oct 26 Context-free grammars (CFG) and linguistic phenomena Ch 9 PSR
Nov 2 Context-free parsing Ch 10.1-10.3; see also Wikipedia: CYK algorithm Assignment 4 (due Friday Nov 11 5pm) PSR
Nov 9 Context-free parsing Ch 10.4 and Shieber et al. (1995) sections 1-3 and 5 up to p. 28 DWC
Nov 16 Beyond context-free parsing Ch 12.1 and An Introduction to Synchronous CFG Assignment 5 (due Monday Nov 28 4pm, AVW 3161) DWC
Nov 23 No class: Happy Thanksgiving! Eat!
Nov 30 Semantics Ch 14, 15 DWC
Dec 7 Applications: machine translation Ch 21 and (Knight, 1997) Assignment 6 (due Wed Dec 14 4pm, CSIC 3120) DWC
Dec 13 Possible catch-up class DWC/PSR
Wednesdasy, December 21 Final exam Weds Dec 21, 1:30-3:30, CSIC 3120.
Note that this is not the same as the usual class time. Please see here for additional info.