Miscellaneous notes for Ling645/CMSC723, Fall 2005

Turning in Programming Assignments

Please read these instructions carefully. Points will be taken off for not following them.

For each programming assignment, you should tar all files (README file, source codes and output examples if necessary) in one tar file. You can name the tar file anything ending '.tar'.

Please write your name and Glue login ID at the beginning of your README file. Then include the exact commands to compile (if necessary) and to run your program(s). In addtion, you can put anything you want to say to the TA (e.g. a brief description of the program, but not graded). Generally more information is better than less.

You should use the 'submit' command to submit your programming assignments:

where assignment is the assignment number (e.g. 1 for Assignment 1) and filename is your tar file to be submitted. For more information, you can type 'submit --help'.

All programs must work on the GRACE machines on which programs will be tested and graded. . (This means on linux, not solaris. Please make sure that you login to linux.grace.umd.edu.) Please make sure that your programs work on GRACE linux machines before you submit.

You can submit your assignment multiple times. But only the last submitted version will be graded.

We will post test inputs and correct outputs after grading assignment so that you can check your results.