How We Got Delilah

The only reason that we have Delilah is because Dad wanted to get a bird feeder. Now, this is a long story, so don't be asking questions.

Dad wanted to get a bird feeder, so we were going to the craft store. Next to it was a pet store. There were a whole bunch of dogs up for adoption in front of the pet store.

We looked at the dogs first. We saw all the dogs, and most of them were very nice.

We went into the craft store and got bird feeders. When we came out, we saw a dog (who turned out to be Delilah) and she was especially nice.

Then we started getting the idea of getting her.

First, Dad called up Mom. He asked her to bring Annie so they could meet.

Then, Dad asked Harry and Jay if they wanted to get her. They said yes, of course.

Once we were sure that Annie liked her, too, we took her home. (After we got her a lot of new accessories!)

Things Delilah Likes (That We Know So Far)

Things Delilah Doesn't Like (That We Know So Far)


Delilah on the couch