Homework 9

  1. Jurafsky and Martin, 16.4. WordNet can be found at http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn/.

  2. Jurafsky and Martin, 16.5.

  3. Jurafsky and Martin, 16.6. See the first question above for the WordNet site.

  4. Jurafsky and Martin, 16.7. For web resources, try the CoBuildDirect Corpus at http://titania.cobuild.collins.co.uk/form.html and the British National Corpus at http://sara.natcorp.ox.ac.uk/lookup.html.
  • We recommend use both corpora, for variety and to distribute our load between the two servers.

  • For the CoBuildDirect Corpus, try the query kiss|kissed|kissing/VERB

  • In the Collocation Sampler (lower on the CoBuildDirect page), try the word `drink', selecting mutual information, and then click on ``Show Collocates.'' On the results page, click on the ``Collocate'' heading.

  • For the British National Corpus, try the query {dr[iau]nk}