Assignment 5: Morphology and FST’s

Here is a set of examples taken from Turkish. Note that the last consonant always becomes voiceless (p,t,k) when it is in word-final position.  The corresponding voiced sound can appear in the non-word-final position, and is taken from the underlying segment.


 sebeb^i  ® sebebi (reason, possessive)

 sebeb^e ® sebep (reason, root form)

 Ahmed^i ® Ahmedi (Ahmed, possessive)

 Ahmed^e ® Ahmet (Ahmet, root form)

 reng^i  ®  rengi (color, possessive)

 reng^e  ®  renk (color, root form)


Note: As in the book, the symbol ^ is a morpheme boundary and the symbol e is the null (empty) character.

  1. Write a set of rules in the Chomsky & Halle format shown in (3.5) on page 77 for just these examples.
  2. Write the corresponding FST for just these examples, including the accompanying lexicon.