Fast Multipole Methods: Fundamentals and Applications


Instructors: Ramani Duraiswami  & Nail A. Gumerov

Course No. CMSC 878R/AMSC 698R

Note: non CS students must register for the course as AMSC 698R


class email: cmsc878r AT


Fall 2003, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. 4:45 p.m.,

Location: CSI 2118


Homework is given on Thursdays at the end of the class and due on the next
Tuesday at the beginning of class


Course Outline

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Lecture Notes

(Some of the material here is now also described in the book  Fast Multipole Methods for the Helmholtz Equation in Three Dimensions (The Elsevier Electromagnetism Series))





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Lecture 1

Introduction, Course rules, exams

Applications: Physics, Computer Vision, etc.

Simple example of factorization for degenerate kernel

Asymptotic Complexity. Examples of complexity

Review of Publications.


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Lecture 2

Review of the factorization idea

Structured Matrices

Integral Equations

Fast Fourier Transform

Homework 1

Scribe Notes

Simple factorization example.

Intro to Matlab.


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Lecture 3


Regular and Singular Expansions. Taylor Series,

Error Analysis.


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Lecture 4 Series expansions for factorization
Kronecker products
Compression of series
Homework 2 Solution Fast Gauss transform based on Taylor Series
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Lecture 5 Near/Far Singular/Regular Expansions
Example of S and R expansions of a singular function
Error bounds
09/18/2003 Lecture 6 Class canceled due to Hurricane Isabel
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Lecture 6 Splitting of the FMM sum
Spatial ordering
The Pre-FMM algortithm using R expansions and S expansions
Optimization of the number of boxes in the Pre-FMM
Complexity of the Pre-FMM
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Lecture 7 Introduction to translation operators
Homework 3/4 Solution Implementation of Data Structures for 1-D Pre-FMM
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Lecture 8 (based on notes of previous lecture)
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Lecture 9 Single Level FMM (SLFMM)
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Lecture 10 Review
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Lecture 11 Multilevel FMM
Homework 5 Solution S, R and S|R translation in one dimension. Error bounds
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Lecture 12 Hierarchical Data Structures for space sub-division
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Lecture 13 Hierarchical Data Structures for space sub-division
Homework 6 Solution
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Lecture 14 Bit interleaving and deinterleaving
10/23/2003 Mid Term Exam Solution
Homework 7 Solution Data Structures
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Lecture 15 Introduction to iterative methods for use with the FMM
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Lecture 16 Review of Exam and previous class
Complexity of MLFMM
Homework 8 1-D MLFMM
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Lecture 17 Review of MLFMM
Error analysis of the MLFMM-I
Project Info.
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Lecture 18 Error analysis of the MLFMM-II
Homework 9 Project Preliminary report (See Lecture 17)
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Lecture 19 FMM for the Gravitational/Coulombic potential. Introduction to Spherical Harmonics.
11/13/03 Lecture 20* Guest Lecture by Zhihui Tang: Fast translation operators for the Laplace equation in 2-D and 3-D based on structured matrix decompositions
Homework 10 Project Report: S, R, S|S, S|R , R|R operator evaluation
11/18/03 Lecture 21* General theory of diagonal forms for the FMM
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Lecture 22 Theory of the adaptive FMM
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Lecture 23 Adaptive FMM from Cheng et al (1999)
Connection between the FMM and Boundary Element Methods
12/02/03 Lecture 24 Some research ideas/directions. Review
12/04/03 Project Reports 1 1. Yang Wang: A Java-based animated implementation of the FMM in 2-D
2. Zhenyu Zhang: FMM for the solution of an eigenvalue problem for a surface integral operator in 3-D
3. Karthikeyan Duraisamy: Fast particle methods for the simulation and control of 3D Vortex Wakes from Lifting Wakes
Zhiyun Li: Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transforms
12/09/03 Project Reports 2 5. Weigong Zhang: Fast summation of Helmholtz monopoles in 2-D.
6.  Alap Karapurkar:
The Fast Multipole Method for Diffuse Light Scattering
7. Shaju John and S. Koushik:
Simulation of ferromagnetic particle chain formation in a fluid medium under the action of a magnetic field
8: Shreyas Ananthan and Sandeep Gupta: Fast Multipole Methods for Particle Simulations in Vortex Dominated Flows

All project final reports are due on this day.

12/11/03 Final Solution


* These lectures have been distributed as hardcopy, since they are based on as yet unpublished research.