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I am a professor in the department of computer science and of the University of Maryland Institute of Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). I direct research at the Perceptual Interfaces and Reality Laboratory (PIRL), and have broad research interests in computer audition, computer vision, machine learning and scientific computing. (CV)

Research Interests

Audio and Computational Acoustics:

Acoustics for perceptual reality:  Head Related Transfer Functions,  Room Impulse Responses, Auditory Telepresence, Reproduction of audio using headphones, Reproduction using speakers. Keynote talk at Ambisonics 2010

Microphone Arrays: Beamforming, Source Localization, Source Modeling, Spherical Microphone Arrays, Cameras and Arrays, The Audio Camera, Non-blind algorithms

Speech: Speaker ID, Large Scale Computing for Speech Processing

Auditory User Interfaces: Sonification of Data, Systems for presentation, Audio in Games

Underwater acoustics: Bubble counting, sound propagation in bubbly media and fog

Scientific and Statistical Computing:

Fast Multipole Methods: Data Structures; Adaptive Algorithms; FMM for the Laplace, Helmholtz, Biharmonic, Maxwell and Stokes kernels; General kernels; Scattering problems

High Performance Computing: GPU and Heterogeneous Parallel Computing

Computational Statistics and Learning Methods: Improved Fast Gauss Transform in high dimensions; Mean-Shift; Particle Filters; "Fast N-Body Learning"; Classification, Ranking, Gaussian Processes, Speaker ID.

Data Fitting and Modeling: RBF interpolation; Data Structures for higher dimensional data; Non Uniform Fast Fourier Transforms, Data Assimilation; Gaussian Process Regression

Boundary Element Methods: Speedup via the FMM; Computation of singular and near singular integrals; Meshless Methods; Software.

Small Angle Scattering: Small Angle X-ray and Neutron scattering, fast algorithms

Other (older stuff): Electrical Impedance Tomography; Bubble Dynamics; Free surface flow; Spectral Methods; Effective Media; Inverse problems.


Computer Vision:

Vision aware audio; Tracking; Pose; Kernel methods, Vision based prosthetics for the visually impaired, application of fast algorithms to computer vision and image processing, The Audio Camera


Open Source:

FIGTREE (Fast Gaussian summation via the improved fast gauss transform plus tree based nearest neighbor search). Information

FLAGON (Using GPUs via CUDA from Fortran 9X); WIKI

GPUML (Accelerating Machine Learning algorithms on the GPU)

Canny Edge Detection on NVIDIA CUDA

Non-negative Least Squares on GPU and Multi-core 


Several Fast Multipole Method based products are sold by Fantalgo
The fast multipole accelerated boundary element solver in the ESI-Group VA-One product is based on software developed by Nail Gumerov and myself.

A comprehensive toolkit for audio-visual scene analysis is under development by VisiSonics.


Other Affiliations

I am a member/affiliate of the following departments, programs and centers, all at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Description: bullet

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Description: bullet

Center for Automation Research

Description: bullet

Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing Program

Description: bullet

Description: bullet

The Norbert Wiener Center for Harmonic Analysis and Applications

The Maryland Robotics Center

Description: bullet

Burgers Program for Fluid Mechanics

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Professional Service

Associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Applied Perception. (2004-2009)

Member, Audio and Electroacoustics Technical Committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Vice Chair, IEEE Signal Processing Society, Washington DC

I am an ad hoc reviewer for several journals and conferences.

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Our book: Fast Multipole Methods for the Helmholtz Equation in Three Dimensions (The Elsevier Electromagnetism Series) was published by Elsevier

 For table of contents see here.

Meeting Organization

Students/Student Collaborators

Currently Enrolled Students

Adam O'Donovan (Computational Perception) (NVIDIA Fellowship. Prime Fellowship)

Yuancheng Luo (Scientific Computing on GPUs, Machine Learning)

Ross Adelman (Boundary Element Methods, FMM)


Khoa Ha (Interpolation, Undergraduate Honors)

Hu Qi (Heterogeneous Scientific Computing) (Facebook)

Kerry Cheng (Scattered data interpolation ) (Google)

Balaji Vasan (Statistical Machine Learning for Climate, Speech) (Adobe Labs)

Gordon Rubin (Audio and Music Perception) (AT&T Fellowship)

Huimin Guo (Speaker Recognition at a Distance) (Microsoft)

Vikas Raykar (HRTF synthesis, microphone arrays, computational machine learning) (IBM)

Zhiyun Li (Auditory scene capture and recreation) (Samsung Labs)

Changjiang Yang (improved computational vision algorithms, fast Gauss transform, regularization) (SAIC)

Dmitry N. Zotkin (computational audio, microphone arrays, video-conferencing, active human tracking) (University of Maryland)

Zhenyu Zhang (Computational Nanoscience) (GE)

Yang Wang (visualization of versions of the Fast Multipole Method) (now at Simpson Thatcher)

Vasanth Philomin (Intelligent Vehicles, robust condensation) (now at Phillips)

Ross Cutler (Keck Laboratory) (now at Microsoft, Redmond, WA)

Ahmed Elgammal (fast summation algorithms for computer vision) (now at Rutgers University)

Ankur Mohan (vision algorithms for creating auditory space) (now at Autodesk)

Zhihui Tang (fast translation operators for the FMM, acoustical BEM) (now senior trader at Quantitative Services Group)

Kexue Liu MS, Elastic matching methods) (now at Tradeweb)

Ali Zandifar (shape from differential geometry, prosthetic devices for the visually impaired) (now at a Bay area start-up)

Hazem El-Alfy (MS, stochastic pdes) (now a faculty member at Alexandria University, Egypt)

Shravya Reddy Konda (LIDAR Data Processing) (Microsoft)

Liping Liu (GPU Computing) (Schlumberger Research)

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Collaborators/Group Members

Nail A. Gumerov (Research Professor)

Dmitry N. Zotkin (Associate Research Scientist)

Jounghoon Beh (Postdoctoral Scientist)


Former Members

Elena Grassi (now a researcher at Army Audiology and Speech Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC)


Prof. Hanseok Ko (Korea University, Seoul, Korea)

Prof. B. Yegnanarayana (IIIT Hyderabad; formerly at IIT Madras)

Prof. Fadoulourahmane Seydou (Oulu)

Prof. Pascal Fua (EPFL)

Contact Information

E-mail address: ramani AT umiacs.umd.edu

Web address:   http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~ramani


Phone: (301) 405 6710 

Fax: (301) 314 9658

Mail address: UMIACS, Univ. of Maryland, Room 3361 A.V. Williams Building; #115, College Park, MD 20742, USA