LBSC 796/CMSC 828o
Information Retrieval Systems
Spring 2004

Section Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
0101 Monday 5:30-8:15 EGR 3140
Course Description
Descriptions of course goals, instructional staff and their office hours, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, corequisites, and grading procedures for the course. There are a lot of useful links here that do not show up on the printed version.
The title of each session, and links to the slides presented in class for that session and the readings for that session. The due dates for each assignment are also shown, and links to the assignments themselves are provided.
Project Information
A description of the requirements for the term project that is due at the end of the semester.
Final Exam
Information about the final exam. Study guides and some actual exams that were given in previous semesters are also available.
Information Retrieval Resources
Links to sources of IR systems, papers describing IR research, and some IR research groups. You can find even more resources by following links from some of these pages.
Seminar series on the Maryland campus and in the surrounding area that sometimes have speakers on topics related to this course.
Other Information Retrieval Courses
Web pages for information retrieval courses at other institutions that may take a different perspective on the subject.
Prior Semesters
A useful place to look if you want to see slides for a class that has not happened yet. This year's slides for similar topics will be different, but perhaps not markedly so. Note, however, that the topic presentation order may have changed.

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