LBSC 790/INFM 718B
Building the Human - Computer Interface
Fall 2004
Self-Graded Exercise 4

In this exercise, you will be working with Java Swing.  This should be
your first step into writing a graphical application.  As such, we
suggest you do some background reading on the topic.  The following is
a link to Sun's Java tutorial:

Try to spend some time reading through it, if you can.  We found these
sections of the tutorial to be most helpful:

The problem set for this exercise involves modifying a pre-existing
application.  You can grab the source code for that application here:

Some browsers may change the filename when you download this file.
Make sure the file is called before you compile it.  If all is
well, the program should compile and run without modification.  Then,
a window should appear that looks like this.  Make the following 
changes to the code:

    1) Swap the positions of the Check Boxes below the text area.  In
       other words, "I Agree" should end up on the left and "I Don't
       Disagree" should end up on the right.  Here is a picture of the solution.

    2) Change the Check Boxes into regular buttons.  Here is a picture of the solution.

    3) Move the two buttons so that they appear above the text area.
       Here is a picture of the solution.

Doug Oard
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